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Nurturing love of learning

Welcome to Kintive Christian Academy!

We are glad you have chosen us to help shape your future.

The curriculum at Kintive Christian Academy embraces a Christian worldview and, therefore,

all faculty members are believers in Jesus Christ as Creator of all and Savior of mankind.

Our teachers believe they are called to build tomorrow's leaders by doing the following
Structuring lessons to facilitate critical thinking that lead to Godly decisions in a secular world
Equipping students with sound knowledge and outstanding academic skills
Empowering students to advance justice and to stand boldly for truth
Promoting care and compassion for all God's creation
It is my prayer and that of all faculty at Kintive Christian Academy that your enrollment here will lead to a positive life-changing experience.

May God bless you as you do all to His glory!
LaRoyce Kincaid
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