Board Chairman Foreword


People can be happy when they encounter with the living God, finding dreams, meeting friends who challenge the world and teachers who share those dreams, this is Kintive Christian Academy.

Using BJU Press's textbook, which is made from a Christian worldview, we will help you discover God's call to the soul, and you will learn the creativity to challenge in the age of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, and you will grow up with compassion for the suffering of your neighbors and society.

To transform the society for a better world, Kintive Christian Academy will be a platform to educate and train you. 


For everyone who serves here, we will not lose our identity as God's messengers for all students. By serving faithfully with the spirit of mentoring, all of our members will help you become the leaders of the next generation.

You will dream of the kingdom of God. As you are with us and will pursue the glory of God. In the midst of that glory, you will be the challenger of the world.

I hope that the glory of God will be spread throughout the world through each of your lives until the day the Lord comes again.

We will go along with the next generation, the way God calls to each of us.


At Kintive Christian Academy, you will experience the dynamic kingdom of God, and together you will draw a big picture for the expansion of the kingdom of God.

May God's abundant blessings always be with you.

Steve Jang